Seeking a Domme to Bring Out My Unique Kink: Discipline and High Heels

Looking forwoman
HobbiesCheckers (draughts), Shoes
KinksDiscipline, High Heels, Corset Training, Branding, Ice Cubes,

I’m Emilio, a man from Rutland. I’m an outdoorsy kind of guy who loves to take hikes in the country, explore nature, and lead an active lifestyle. I’m also very passionate in the bedroom. If you’re looking for someone who provides firm guidance and who enjoys traditional domination and submission, then I’m the man for you. I’m especially keen on discipline, especially the kind that involves high heels. I can’t wait to find someone that shares my appreciation for discipline and high heels. So if you’re looking for a man that’s strong, understanding, and enjoys a strong hand, then contact me and I promise to make it worth your while. Emilio